We are always trying to share our support and doing all possible effort to sustaining our environment. This marks our commitment to the community to taking serious action against plastic and marine pollution, one step at a time.

Following up on this, we have decided to pledge a consistent dedication to cleaning Jeddah beaches until we restore them to their original natural states, after uncovering a huge amount of lost gold on these beaches.

The following are our areas of interest:

  • Plogging (running while collecting waste materials)

  • Upcycling
  • Planting

  • Beach cleaning

We are open for any additional activities that contribute to our beloved community, and we believe in a waste-free environment until it becomes a healthy habit.

Reach out if you are interested to support, volunteer, collaborate, or  partake in our efforts to sustaining our environment.

Steering Committee Members

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much. An individual commitment to a team effort is what makes a team work. Each and every one of us, the steering committee members, is always ready to initiate, collaborate, and work together to complement each other toward a common vision; to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

Taha Boksmati


“I wanted to give back to my beloved country by establishing an organization that focused on greening Saudi Arabia. It is a community service that is environmentally related through the privileges of volunteering and volunteering I loved.”


Osama Younis

Chief Information Officer

“I believe that each one has something to do as part of our responsibilities toward the community. I joined Hejaz Ploggers to do my part in helping my community; participating in environmental events, digitizing the team, enhancing its online presence to facilitate reaching out with partners and volunteers”

Rafeef Zahran


“I love nature and I love sports, Hejaz Ploggers combines the two; which makes it a dream come true for me..”

Abdulaziz Sindi

Events Organizer

“I have never been an environmentalist but after I joined Hejaz Ploggers team my mindset was altered. my goal now is to help the team reach its maximum potential and achieve its purpose of existence. Plogging was never a hobby it was a cocoon and now I am a changed man.”.

Monir Natto


Monir is proud to be a part and member of the environmental group Hejaz Ploggers. Since he was a child and his parents raised him to care of the planets and save the earth as this what human need to care and save for a clean atmosphere for us and the next generations, in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world.

Arwa Alturkestani

Photographer and Videographer

As a green vegan, Arwa considers herself an environmentalist. she cares about our planet, animals, and humans. Joining Hejaz Ploggers is one small step towards preserving the earth for wildlife and the next generation. It is also a great way to engage with other people to raise awareness about environmental issues”.


Running while collecting waste materials


Taking action against plastic and marine pollution


Collecting all types of materials for recycling


All planting activities


Be sure that your support in order to protect the environment will not be in vain, but rather will be an example for others in developing the culture of your society. It doesn’t take much to change a community, get in touch today and start making the difference.